Why you should stop saying, “my child is bad”

LaTanya Blackmon,CPLC latanyablackmon.com So many parents have feelings of discouragement when it comes to their child’s negative or disruptive behavior. Because of this, they often make statements such as; “my child is bad” or “my child is hard-headed”. Does this bring comfort to a mother or father to say that their child

Your kids should not be the most important

I came across an informative article that I encourage #parents to read! Discipline and Love begins at home. It’s not up to teachers, coaches or the church to raise children or teach them what it means to become an upstanding and contributing citizen. I know, I know, some parents often believe their

Report Card Season

Report Card Season. YAY!!!!! Well, this is the season when report cards are being distributed to grade school students. For some families this is an exciting time, however for other families, it’s not so pleasant. When my children were young, receiving their report card meant receiving money. They were reward based on

When We Love One Another

When We Love One Another, The World Develops, The World Conquers, The World is Strong! Not only should we love one another but we should seek understanding of one another. We should care and we should press on until understanding, love and care is conquered. Today, I had a face-to-face conversation with

Children who can read do better in math and other subjects

Many times children enroll into our after school care and summer camp programs struggling with reading and comprehension skills.  My staff and I offer as much assistance as possible by reviewing the homework assignments, testing on spelling and vocabulary as well as providing strategies for students to develop the correct answers on their

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