We are as strong as our community

Community; what does that mean to you? What does your community look like? Who lives within your community? How does your community dress? What language is most spoken within your community? Spanish, English, language patterns, such as slang or a deeper connection with wisdom. Is your community violent or one that is

Ways to prevent the winter blues

Prepare your child mentally and physically for the cold season Fall season is already here and winter season is soon to come. The cold weather is known to bring out negative emotions in a person and sometimes causing health problems. The effects of winter can be difficult on a child, especially if

The Ugly Truth

Children are so precious. When I think about my own, I believe they are the most beautiful children in the world and I will do anything to make sure they are well taken care of. Even in their imperfections, they make momma proud. You probably believe the same about your children, right?

Steps for preparing a successful year

Steps to preparing for a successful year 2016 is approaching and a new year seems to be a time when people have high expectations of receiving new blessings. As the current year ends, you might be creating New Year’s resolutions, setting goals to start a business, lose weight, save money, build your

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