Steps for preparing a successful year

Steps to preparing for a successful year

2016 is approaching and a new year seems to be a time when people have high expectations of receiving new blessings. As the current year ends, you might be creating New Year’s resolutions, setting goals to start a business, lose weight, save money, build your credit, clean your home, change your hair or attitude, learn a new trade or desire to receive a new degree.

Whatever your plans are, they can only succeed with proper planning. Begin by taking ACTION and taking control of our own life. In planning, consider the follow steps;

  1. Write your goals down on paper and post it in a place that is visible so you can stay encouraged {Habakkuk 2:2}
  2. Submit your goals to the Lord in prayer {Matthew 21:22}
  3. Organize one goal at a time, by breaking them down into small and specific goals; identify what items you will need or what training you will need.
  4. Set a start date and an end date for term short term or long term.
  5. Create a step by step list of how to reach that goal.
  6. Evaluate your current goals from this year; determine what was successful and what was not a success. (Don’t focus on the past. Use past goals to determine what you can do better)
  7. Get rid of things (or people) that keep you from reaching your goals. {2 Corinthians 5:27}
  8. Be realistic in what you are able to do right now and what resources you have available to you. (If you lack certain resources, research opportunities that will assist you in obtaining those resources)
  9. Share your goals with someone who will hold you accountable and encourage you. {Deuteronomy 3:28}
  10. Revisit your organized list weekly and even daily to keep track of what goals you are reaching.
  11. Celebrate every Success!
  12. Remember, plans may change. Don’t be discouraged. Do your Best. Set a new deadline if needed, follow these steps again and believe God.
  13. Enjoy the remainder of this year.

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