When We Love One Another

When We Love One Another, The World Develops, The World Conquers, The World is Strong!

Not only should we love one another but we should seek understanding of one another. We should care and we should press on until understanding, love and care is conquered.

Today, I had a face-to-face conversation with my children’s High School Administrator about racism. There was something he said in the conversation that was very unsettling and leaves me with a sadness of the ignorance some other races endure. I say endure because, honestly they just don’t get it and in some cases it’s not their fault. Neither is it our fault. Nonetheless, it is our responsibility to educate the public on how important it is see one another as equal. Although there will never be equality in any area of life, we can continue to love, educate and build up our own children so they can go out and be a catalyst for their community and for those who don’t look like them. Our children can learn that they are as great as anyone else and that they can have whatever they desire. Let’s build up of our children so they are left with a sense of confidence, empowerment and sustainability. We are responsible for channeling any negative energy for good. Choose better! Not just for you but also for those who don’t understand that they need or desire better. As my heart breaks because of what I see, it gives me more strength to work and to teach those who are around me. I can only pray that as we continue seek equality, that you will also show love and stop the hate because things don’t seem to fit your norm or your level of happiness and satisfaction. No matter what the skin color is, we all feel pain and it’s time to seek a better understanding.


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