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LaTanya Blackmon

Founder of Woman to Woman Empowerment Network, LaTanya Blackmon is passionate about helping women to step outside of the box to reach their goals. She supports women in business, contribute to helping women build a strong family, and provides resources and strategies so women can increase their financial and personal well-being. She loves speaking with women, and learning about their goals. LaTanya is empowered by seeing women succeed.

As an business owner, LaTanya is balancing life as awife and mother. Once struggled as a single mom and redefining herself, she has done the work in breaking through generational bondages and in overcoming the emotional challenges most women encounter. She has taken the steps necessary to build a strong foundation for her family and her business. As a consistent learner, LaTanya has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Parent Coach. She’s also obtained her real estate broker license as a possible of income source. She understands the importance of creating multiple streams of income and living the life she desires.

Let's make a difference

Woman to Woman Empowerment Network is woman-owned non-profit organization.

We empower women so that they can tap into their unlimited abilities, network, connect, advance their social capital, overcome life challenges and break through the struggles in business & entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to offer tools and strategies for women to create balance and attain the resources to expand their brand, grow their business, increase their profits, develop wealth in their life, and improve their mental and physical being.



The SHE Evolve Summit is an annual event where women collaborate, educate and empower one another. This event is designed for women to influence and lead in business, the community and in their homes. The SHE Evolve Summit is a tailored event for emerging women leaders. We have professionals covering an array of topics to assist women in a variety of areas, such as; finance, branding, networking techniques, business start up, creating multiple streams of income and many others! There is plenty of time for attendees to network and visit our amazing boss lady vendors for an incredible shopping experience.




Want to support by volunteering or becoming a presenter at one of our events? We would love to partner with you, as your support is very important.

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